Sorouh Group’s – Recruitment Services caters the following scope of employment:

Temporary and permanent jobs such as workers, technicians, drivers, cleaners and others.

Administrative functions: secretary, marketing and sales and financial management and human resources.

Educational positions: such as headmasters, teachers and assistants in all specialties and Trustees of the laboratories and specialists, supervisors and administrators buses.

Technical positions: specialists in communications, electronics and mechanics. Jobs medical doctors, nurses and administrators

Engineering posts of all kinds as well as accountants and customer service. Posts competent constructions, petroleum technicians, sailors, custodial and other.

The company’s essential business is to provide highly skilled and technical workers to all business entities within the region who require additional work force. To name a few, Sorouh Technical Services is currently dealing with various manufacturing and agricultural companies in different parts of the UAE’s capital, Abu Dhabi and in the UAE’s production hub, Al Ain, to supply skilled labors for their operations. Counting to these also are various schools and learning institutions located in Dubai that requires school maintenance and cleaners.

Our 5 years of continued operations have become successful in bridging the jobs to different kinds of hopeful job seekers from different parts of the world. Bringing diverse nationality here in the UAE with good job placement has become a dedication to us more than a business.

In preparation to broaden the network of recruitment, the company streamlined the job seeking and deployment procedures. This website is created so that everyone can have a browse for the updates on 24/7.