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Q: What is annual leave and who is entitled for it?

Q: Do we entitled for air ticket?

Q: Who decides when you go on annual leave, Company or Employee?

Q: When will we be paid and what are we entitled for?

Q: What if there are public holidays during annual leave?

Q: What if someone fall sick on annual leave?

Q: What if someone couldn’t come back to work within signed Holidays?

Q: Can employee be fired during his/her annual leave?

Q: Do I allowed to work for another company during my annual leave?

Q: Can we force company for Air Fare in cash?

Q: Please Describe Annual Leave as per UAE LABOUR LAW Articles..!

Q: What if I worked for same company during Annual Leave Holiday?

Q: Can I entitled for Sick Leave during Probationary Period?

Q: Do we eligible for Housing and other Allowances during Annual Leave?